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    The ocean plays an essential role in addressing the crisis of imbalance among population, resources, and environment faced by humanity. To develop and exploit the marine resources and space, a variety of deep-sea equipment supported by high technology is required. Prof. Cui, the principal investigator (PI) of DSTRC led the Jiaolong submersible project, participated in the scientific and technological research and project management, and gained many honors and inspirations.   

    Westlake University offers necessary guarantees for our group in the scientific and technological resources, research facilities, and talent benefits. We will make full use of social resources and give full play to the advantages of the mechanism of joint participation by different forms of ownership and strive to become an international leader in deep-sea technology after about 10 years of efforts. Our group aims to build a high international reputation in fundamental theoretical research, cutting-edge product development, and talent cultivation, as well as make positive contributions to the construction of national maritime power and local economic development.



Science stars of China. Nature 534, 456–461 (2016). https://doi.org/10.1038/534456a [PDF]

西湖大学深海技术研究中心 Deep-Sea Technology Research Center at Westlake University


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